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Only US$199.90

StartSSL™ Distributor Package

For Distributors and Resellers:

As an authorized distributor of StartSSL™ Verified Class 2 certificates you can contribute to the success of your business, by providing the sale of these verification method and digital certification service at your online business and web site. Distributors are free to build their own business model, marketing and pricing of our StartSSL™ Verified digital certification and are able to integrate this service into their product line. A distributor receives access to a simple and efficient management tool provided by us for the issuing of a prepaid ticket. Your customers will receive an efficient service from StartCom by presenting this prepaid ticket at our website.

Bulk Purchase for verification purpose:

Your company may deals with customers and partners worldwide and may need many times needs to confirm the identity of the person or company you are dealing with. One of the solutions is, to require the verification of the identity through our StartSSL™ Class 2 procedure.
In order to facilitate and accelerate the verification process, you provide a prepaid ticket to the intended party. The person and/or company undergoes the verification and validation procedures of the StartCom CA and receives after successful completion a client certificate. He provides the from you provided ticket as proof of payment and presents to you the client certificate he received from us after the process (by signing an email for example). In this way, you and your company can be reasonable assured that this entity is real and the relevant information verified and confirmed by us.


Prices for bulk purchase are:
  • 20 StartSSL™ Verified Class 2        US$ 59.90 each
  • 50 StartSSL™ Verified Class 2      US$ 59.90 each
  • 100 StartSSL™ Verified Class 2      US$ 59.90 each
  • 500 StartSSL™ Verified Class 2      US$ 59.90 each
  • 1000 StartSSL™ Verified Class 2    US$ 59.90 each

For further details about our StartSSL™ Distributor Package please contact the CertMaster.