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Multiple Accounts and Validations

There are various different scenarios and situations where multiple accounts for the managing of validations and their certificates is required and useful:
  • Sometimes subscribers may wish to manage different accounts for private and business use. For example an employee authorized by an organization may also wish to create certificates for his/her private needs. For such cases we suggest to create two different accounts (register twice, each time with a different email address). Subscribers which already have their identity validated, may request Class 2 Identity Validation once again for the private account (or vice versa) and a discounted fee of currently US$ 29.90 is applied for the second and successive identity validation.

  • Organizations may wish to receive validated client certificates for their employees with the name of the employee and organization name listed in the certificate. For this we suggest to consider the purchase of pre-paid tickets as part of the StartSSL™ Distributor Package and engage with the CertMaster for streamlining the validations.

  • Hosting providers may wish to arrange and manage server certificates for their customers. For this, multiple accounts should be created by the authorized person, by registering with different email addresses. For the second and any successive identity validation of the authorized person a discounted fee of currently US$ 29.90 is applied. Thereafter organization validation of the provider's customer may be requested by the authorized person. It's important to submit for each validation the Authorization Letter for Class 2 Organization Validation signed by the organization in addition to all the other documents as explained here.