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How to Enroll

Class 4 Organization Extended Validation (StartSSL™ Verified)

At the StartSSL™ Control Panel click on the "Validations Wizard" tab. Choose "Class 3 or Class 4 Organization Validation", click "Class 4 EV" --> "Continue", and follow the instructions of the wizard. The Class 4 Extended validation fee is charged within the validation request process, through the "Validation wizard".

Required documents are as follows:

For the organization representative,
1. One photo ID documents issued by a local government entity (Identity card, passport, driver license or similar).
2. A digital photograph of you with the provided photo ID in hand.

For the organization,
3. Registration of your organization (i.e. Articles of Incorporation, Tax Office Registration, Ministry of Commerce Registration, Handelsregisterauszug etc.)
4. The StartCom Extended Validation Subscriber Agreement signed by the certificate requester.
5. The StartCom Extended Validation Legal Opinion Letter or StartCom Extended Validation Delegate Authorization Letter (based on the registration information available on the local government website).

Additional documents might be requested during the validation process.

The documents should be scanned or photographed by a digital camera in high quality and high resolution but should not cross the size of 4 MB. Alternatively you may also upload PDF files. Type of files accepted is JPG, JPEG, PNG,GIF,BMP and PDF.

*For self-proprietorship which is not duly registered on local government website (for example, GbR in Germany), we cannot supply Class 4 Organization validation product. For this type of entity, please apply for Class 2 Personal validation.