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How to Enroll

Class 2 Identity Validation (StartSSL™ Verified)

Prepare at least two recent documents, which are scanned by a scanner or photographed by a digital camera. These pictures should be in high quality and high resolution but should not cross the size of 1 MB. Alternatively your may also upload PDF files. It is important, that all the details are clearly viewable, for example:
  1. The cover of your passport
  2. The first pages of the passport
  3. The picture of you with your personal detail of your passport
  1. Both sides of your drivers license or identity card or
  2. Photo ID document issued by a local, state or federal authority.
At the StartSSL™ Control Panel click at the "Validations Wizard". Choose "Personal Identity Validation" and click "Continue". After that choose "Personal Class 2" and follow the instructions of the wizard. A fee of US $ 59.90 is charged for identity validation. Read more about the product StartSSL™ Verified.