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How to add SSL Certificates in IIS7

(Many thanks to Yehuda Katz for this instructions)

The process for adding SSL certificates in IIS7 differs from IIS6 most in the interface. The overall steps required are similar.

This guide was made using Windows Vista Ultimate with IIS7 and FTP7.

This guide does not include instructions for adding the root and intermediary certificates.

  1. Open the IIS7 Manager


  2. Select your server and choose Server Certificates.


  3. In the Actions column, choose Create Certificate Request…


  4. Fill in the requested information for your certificate. Whatever you write here will be the DN of your certificate.
    The common name should be the servers external FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name), which means the address which users type when they access the website from the Internet. The common name is typically NOT, or your public IP address.


  5. Choose key length (2048 or higher is recommended)


  6. Choose a place to save your key request. You will need it soon.


  7. Open the CSR that you created and submit it to your certificate provider.


  8. Your certificate provider will send you the certificate. Import it by choosing Complete Certificate Request… from the Actions menu.


  9. Your certificate should now be listed in the Server Certificates List.


  10. To add SSL support to your site, right click the site and choose Edit Bindings…


  11. Add a binding of type https and choose the certificate that you would like to use from the dropdown.


  1. If you would like to require SSL, go to the site settings and choose SSL Settings


  2. And choose Require SSL


  1. To add SSL to an FTP site (available only if you have FTP7), open the FTP site and choose FTP SSL Settings


  2. Choose Allow or Require or make your own combination.