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Netscape Enterprise Server

(Many thanks to Rob Crittenden for the instructions)

This instructions are for Netscape Enterprise Server and related products, such as Red Hat Directory Server, Fedora Directory Server and Sun WebServer One.

  • 1. Point your browser at the NES admin server
  • 2. Select your instance
  • 3. Select the Security tab
  • 4. Select Initialize Security database if this has not been done before
  • 5. Select Request a Certificate
    • CA Email Address: enter your e-mail address
    • Cryptographic module: leave at internal
    • Cryptographic key size: 1024 is fine
    • Keypair password: your security database password
    • Requestor Name: your name
    • Telephone Number: your phone number
    • Common name:
    • Email address:
    • Organization: Your Name (English letters only!)
    • Locality: City
    • State or Province: StateOrProvince (English letters only!)
    • Country: GB (Two letter code)
  • 6. Click Ok
  • 7. On the StartSSL web site skip private key generation
  • 8. Paste in the CSR
  • 9. Follow the rest of the process
  • 10. Once the certificate is issued, go back to the admin server and select Install Certificate
    • Select "This Server"
    • Cryptographic module: leave at internal
    • Keypair password: your security database password
    • Message text (with headers): paste in the certificate
    • Click Ok
  • 11. Now install the CA.
  • 12. Now install the intermediate CA.