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StartSSL™ Verified

StartSSL™ Verified has various advantages over the free, low-assurance (Class 1) certificates. They provide a level of flexibility usually not found elsewhere, being it for the sheer unlimited, possible combination of different domain names and sub domains within the same certificate or being it for the wild card options StartSSL™ Verified provides.

Because of the higher validations these medium-assurance certificates require, it allows visitors of your web sites to reasonably rely on the information included in each certificate and trust you and your business. B2B and C2B documents signed by a StartSSL™ Verified certificate allows you to perform business transactions and reasonably rely on it. Signed and encrypted email with StartSSL™ Verified certificates assures you and your partners, that you always exchange your valuable information with the right entity.

StartSSL™ Verified are intended for:
  • web sites, which perform financial transactions like credit card details or other payment methods, so that a visitor can be assured, that the person and company operating it can be traced to a real entity.
  • companies or individuals which have to deal worldwide with prospective clients and partners and need to be assured of correct information about them.
  • easier management of keys and certificates, complex configurations and multiple web sites on the same server and IP address and IIS/ISA setups.

StartSSL™ identity validation is available for only US$59.90, organization validation is available for only US$119.80. Once validated, certificates are freely available through the advanced StartSSL™ Control Panel and unlimited for 1 year of the validated identity/organization. Before you continue, please make sure you have prepared all necessary documents at hand. For more details, please refer to How to Enroll

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