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StartSSL™ Open Identity

StartSSL™ Open IdentityEvery StartSSL™ account is also a free digital identity called OpenID. OpenID eliminates the need for multiple usernames across different websites, simplifying your online experience.

StartSSL™ uses client-side SSL certificates exclusively for secure authentication, SSL/TLS encryption to protect private information, this authentication service provides you with the highest industry standard based on public-key encryption.

To assign a nick name, login to your account and select the "Tool Box" tab -> "Open Identity Preferences". The authentication with your client certificate at StartSSL™ is enough in order to easily log into other facilities. Just enter or into the OpenID login field.Aladdin USB eToken

If you are accessing the Internet from multiple computers and locations we suggest to use a handy USB Token with which you can carry your personal authentication certificate with you all the time without compromising the private key and your security. Order and buy your secure token conveniently from us.