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About Us

Our Story

Eddy Nigg, founder and CTO of StartCom Certificate Authority, titled his personal blog "Join The Revolution", which was not a call to engage in a political revolution, but for everyone to join a revolution of the digital certification industry. When StartCom was founded in 2005, prominent Certificate Authorities (CA) controlled this specific market very closely and digital certificates were expensive and of fairly low quality – two things he wanted to change.

Mr. Nigg formed Start Commercial Ltd. (StartCom) in Eilat, Israel's southernmost border town, developing its own certificate issuing system and forming a innovative business team while offering a variety of digital certificates to worldwide subscribers for free. By 2009 the StartCom roots were included in all popular software and its unique business model could take off. StartCom only charges for the authentication cost, as it did when it was first founded and the certificates are still free of charge! This is a revolution! CA industrial revolution!

Mr. Nigg thought: CAs main duties are authentication: the customer should only be charged for authentication labour costs. The certificate file is just the carrier of the authenticated data as it is a digital file that can be issued by the system automatically, and as the cost is almost negligible, it can be completely free of charge! For comparison, why is a newspaper more expensive than toilet paper? Because of its valuable content! It is the same with digital certificates, the certificate subject information is verified information and without it a certificate would be worthless.

Our Achievement

StartCom joined the CA / Browser Forum early on and has made many contributions since. StartCom root certificates have been included in all operating systems and support all browsers and servers.

Our Customer

After nearly 10 years of successful operation and development, StartCom has now become the world's sixth largest Certificate Authority. It has nearly one million registered subscribers, covering over 200 countries and regions, with more than 400,000 websites secured by StartCom SSL certificates in order to secure the website's confidential information. The certificate revocation check query volume over 600 million times per day.

Our StartSSL Products

StartSSL™ is the StartCom service brand of its digital certificates issuing division, offering free SSL certificates and free email encryption certificates for worldwide subscribers. StartCom provides authentication services for individual subscribers and issues Class 2 IV SSL Certificates, Code Signing certificates and client certificates. It provides Class 4 organizational authentication services for organizations, and issues Class 4 EV SSL certificates, Class 3 OV SSL certificates, Class 3 Code Signing Certificates and Class 3 Client certificates.

StartPKI Products

Start PKI™ is the StartCom service brand for middle-end and high-end subscribers; the issued CA name is customized to the enterprise name extending the company's brand to the Internet. Start PKI™ can issue Class 4 EV SSL Certificates, Class 3 OV SSL certificates, Class 3 and Class 3 code signing certificate client certificates. The customization cost is just a few tenths of other CA, greatly reducing the PKI system investment and the PKI human resource costs.
With the rapid growth of global subscribers, StartCom has expanded by opening new branches in China and the UK at the beginning of 2016, intending to support the rapid development of the market in China. It also intends to further expand the European market to provide better local pre-sales and after-sales service, by potential new branches in Spain. There is also potential for new branches in the USA. Subscribers worldwide choose StartCom brand digital certificates as it offers the same high quality certificates but is far more cost-effective.