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Class 3 Organization Client Certificate 100% Free Now

June. 3, 2016

Eilat, Israel - 3th June. 2016.

StartCom, a leading global Certificate Authority (CA) and provider of trusted identity and authentication services, announces FREE issuance of Class 3 Organization Client Certificate after successful class 3 validation.

Email content security is very important for organization, all sensitive commercial email information is very important for organization, but currently, all emails go through the Internet with any encryption as a postcard, you need to use client certificate to encrypt the sensitive email information.

This new release solution not only let your organization can apply employee certificate with your organization name in the certificate for FREE, but also you can get the employee certificate in one batch, just upload the employee name and email address excel file to our system, then you can get the organization certificate for free automatically.

Your organization(company) just need to pay US$0.02 for Class 3 validation, you can get unlimited class 3 SSL certificate for your websites and unlimited class 3 client certificate for your employees.

Start to encrypt your organization email now to protect your organization secret, many email client software like Outlook, Thunderbird and iPhone support email encryption using a client certificate.