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StartCom launches new StartAPI service

Apr. 28, 2016

Eilat, Israel - 28th Apr. 2016.

StartCom, a leading global Certificate Authority (CA) and provider of trusted identity and authentication services, announces its support of two new features: StartAPI.

Any StartSSL subscriber may apply for certificates through the StartAPI service in order to obtain SSL certificate automatically and instantly. Subscribers can apply for unlimited free Domain Validated (DV) SSL certificates through the StartSSL website and include up to 5 domain names in the same certificate; Class 3 Organization Validated (OV) entities can instantly issue unlimited, free OV SSL certificates with up to 99 domains in the same certificate and with validities up to 2 years. The SSL certificates issued through the StartAPI service are identical to those manually issued via the StartSSL website. Certificates issued via the website require the customer to manually perform domain control and identity verification while StartAPI conveniently supports automated website control validation so that site operators can request and deploy free DV certificates programatically.

The StartPKI service benefits larger organizations by providing a dedicated, StartCom-managed, globally-trusted intermediate CA using the subscriber's organization name for the exclusive use of the verified organization. SSL certificates will be issued by this intermediate CA; since browsers will display your own brand as the certificate issuer, this solution protects your brand investment and gives your website visitors more confidence.

Since your dedicated intermediate CA will be provided by StartCom's highly-available, secure infrastructure, StartPKI will save your PKI infrastructure costs, reduce PKI specialist HR, deployment work, and daily maintenance. A onetime setup fee and annual maintenance fee is charged at the fraction of the costs usually associated with similar services.