Notice to all StartCom subscribers

StartCom CA is closed since Jan. 1st 2018 that don’t issue any new certificate from StartCom name roots.

Now this website ( and ) is operated by WoTrus CA Limited that resell DigiCert and Certum certificates, and the subscribers still can login the account to check the history record.

WoTrus like to provide best products and best service to all StartCom subscribers, all SSL certificates order can be 100% full refunded within 30 days after the certificate is issued, all code signing certificate order can be 100% full refunded before the certificate is issued. Thanks

TLS / SSL Certificates

digicert certum
1-year Price $157.50 USD $265.50 USD $16.90 USD $78.00 USD $248.00 USD
2-year Price (per year) $141.75 USD $211.05 USD $14.70 USD $68.10 USD $196.70 USD
3-year Price (per year) * $125.70 USD $13.90 USD $64.80 USD
* Last chance to get 3 years SSL Certificate. From March 1st, all CAs can't issue 3 years SSL certificates *
Multi-Domain SSL Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wildcard SSL Yes Yes Yes
Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now Under Construction Under Construction

Code Signing Certificates

digicert certum
OV Code Signing Cert EV Code Signing Cert OV Code Signing Cert
1-year Price $200.70 USD $404.10 USD $149.00 USD
2-year Price (per year) $178.65 USD $359.55 USD $122.00 USD
3-year Price (per year) $160.50 USD $298.50 USD $114.00 USD
Buy Now Buy Now Under Construction

Client Certificates

WoTrus don’t resell any other CA’s client certificates, but this does not mean that we have given up on the long-term efforts to address email security issues. We want to provide a better email security solution than simply providing an free email certificate to customers.

1. Why do you need to apply for a free email certificate?

Of course, it is used to encrypt email. Microsoft Office Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird and Apple iMail all support S/MIME email encryption that users need to apply email certificate from CA and import the certificate into the Email Client. WoTrus (including StartCom) have issued millions free email certificate to worldwide Internet users to protect users’ email security for free, we have made great contributions to the global Internet security.

2. What do you need to do after you get the email certificate for email encryption?

The free email certificate application is relatively simple, just verify the email to get one. But after getting the certificate, you also need to know:

(1) how to install and correctly configure the certificate on the email client software;

(2) how to exchange the public key certificates with the recipient;

(3) how to send encrypted email and digital signature email;

(4) how to safely keep and backup the encryption certificate;

(5) how to install the certificate to different devices on different email client software;

(6) how to renew the expiry certificate;

(7) …

Is it very headache? Yes, we believe that all users have a very bad experience in the S/MIME encryption. These headache problems also led to knowing that the email is not secure, but still cannot popularize the S/MIME encryption to ensure the full security of email.

3. Are there any easy and effective email encryption solutions?

Yes. WoTrus have a best solution for email encryption that make the email encryption easy and automatically. We will release this solution soon.